Linux manpage section man1

Manpage section man1: Executable programs and shell commands.

Section 1 of the manual describes user commands and tools, for example, file manipulation tools, shells, compilers, web browsers, file and image viewers and editors, and so on. All commands yield a status value on termination. This value can be tested (e.g., in most shells the variable 0 contains the status of the last executed command) to see whether the command completed successfully. A zero exit status is conventionally used to indicate success, and a non-zero status means that the command was unsuccessful. (Details of the exit status can be found in wait(2).) A non-zero exit status can be in the range 1 to 255, and some commands use different non-zero status values to indicate the reason why the command failed.

Man pages starting with 'A

a2p a2ps aafire aclocal-1.11 aclocal aconnect acpi acyclic addftinfo addr2line afmtodit alsactl alsamixer amidi amixer animate anytopnm aoss aplay aplaymidi appletviewer appres apropos apt arch arecord arecordmidi ar aria2c as86 asciitopgm asciiview aseqdump aseqnet as asn1Coding asn1Decoding asn1parse asn1Parser aspell aspell-import at atktopbm atobm atq atrm attr audiocompose audiosend autoconf autoheader autom4te automake-1.11 automake autopoint autoreconf autoscan autoupdate aview awk

Man pages starting with 'B

baobab base64 basename bashbug bashbuiltins bash batch bc bcomps bdftopcf bdftruncate beforelight bf_compact bf_copy bf_tar bin_dec_hex bioradtopgm bison bitmap bmptopnm bmptoppm bmtoa bogofilter bogolexer bogotune bogoupgrade bogoutil bonobo-activation-server brushtopbm bug-buddy build-classpath-directory build-classpath build build-jar-repository bunzip2 bzcat bzcmp bzdiff bzgrep bzip2 bzless bzmore bznew

Man pages starting with 'C

c2ph cabextract ca cal cameratopam cancel captoinfo card catchsegv cat cc ccmakedep ccmake ccomps cdeftutorial certmgr certtool c++filt cftp chacl chage chattr chcon check-binary-files chfn chgrp chktrust chmod chown chroot chrt chsh c++ chvt circo cisco-decrypt ckeygen cksum clamconf clamdscan clamdtop clamscan clean-binary-files cleanlinks clear cmakecommands cmakecompat cmake-gui cmake cmakemodules cmakepolicies cmakeprops cmakevars cmp cmuwmtopbm cnf codepage colcrt col colrm column command-not-found comm compare compile_et composite conch config_data config.guess config.sub conjure convert corelist cpack cpan2dist cpan cpanp cp cpio cpp-4.4 cpp create-jar-links crl2pkcs7 crl crontab csharp csh csplit ctest cups-config cupstestdsc cupstestppd curl-config curl cut cvs cvslock cvt cxpm cyradm

Man pages starting with 'D

dasher date dbilogstrip dbiprof dbiproxy dbmmanage2 dbus-cleanup-sockets dbus-daemon dbus-launch dbus-monitor dbus-send dbus-uuidgen dc ddate ddbugtopbm dd deallocvt devdump devkit-disks devkit-power dfbg df dga dgst dhparam dialog diff3 diff diff-jars dig dijkstra dircolors directfb-csource directory dir dirmngr-client dirmngr dirname dirsplit disco display dmesg dnsdomainname domainname dos2unix dot2gxl dot dotty dprofpp dsa dsaparam du dumpkeys dvipdf dwell-click-applet

Man pages starting with 'E

echo ed editres egrep eject enc2xs enchant enc encode_keychange env envsubst eps2eps eqn2graph eqn escp2topbm esd eview evim evince ex expand expiry expr extcheck extcompose eyuvtoppm

Man pages starting with 'F

factor false faxformat fc-cache fc-cat fc-list fc-match fc-query fc-scan fdp fgconsole fgrep fiascotopnm file fileschanged find2perl find find-jar findsmb finger firefox fitstopnm fixproc fixps fiz flex flock fmt fold font2c fonts-config fonttosfnt foomatic-rip formail free freshclam fslsfonts fstobdf fstopgm fsync ftp funzip fuser

Man pages starting with 'G

g3topbm g++-4.4 gacutil gawk gcalctool gcc-4.4 gcc gccmakedep gc gconf-editor gconftool-2 gcov-4.4 gcov gdb gdbtui gdk-pixbuf-csource gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders gedit gemtopbm gemtopnm gendiff gendsa genisoimage genrsa geoiplookup6 geoiplookup geoipupdate getconf getent getfacl getfattr getfilename getopt gettext gettextize g++ giftopnm glib-genmarshal glib-gettextize glib-mkenums glxgears glxinfo gnome-about gnome-dictionary gnome-mount gnome-panel gnome-power-manager gnome-power-preferences gnome-power-statistics gnome-screensaver-command gnome-screensaver gnome-screensaver-preferences gnome-screenshot gnome-search-tool gnome-session gnome-session-properties gnome-session-save gnome-system-log gnome-wm gnutls-cli-debug gnutls-cli gnutls-serv gobject-query gouldtoppm gpasswd gpg2 gpg-agent gpgconf gpg-connect-agent gpg gpgparsemail gpg-preset-passphrase gpgsm gpgv2 gpgv gpg-zip gpm-root gprof grep grn grodvi groffer groff grog grohtml grolbp grolj4 grops grotty groups gs-hpdj gs gslp gsnd gs-pcl3 gs-stp gstack gst-feedback-0.10 gst-inspect-0.10 gst-launch-0.10 gst-typefind-0.10 gst-visualise-0.10 gst-xmlinspect-0.10 gst-xmllaunch-0.10 gtester gtester-report gtf gtk-builder-convert gtk-query-immodules-2.0 gtk-update-icon-cache guile gunzip gvcolor gview gvimdiff gvim gvpack gvpr gxl2dot gzexe gzip

Man pages starting with 'H

h2ph h2xs hal-disable-polling hal-find-by-capability hal-find-by-property hal-get-property hal-is-caller-locked-out hal-is-caller-privileged hal-lock hal-set-property hashalot hdifftopam head hexdump hipstopgm host hostid hostname hpcdtoppm hpftodit htdbm2 htdigest2 htmlclean htpasswd2 hunspell hunzip hzip

Man pages starting with 'I

icc2ps icclink iceauth ico icontopbm identify id idnconv idn iecset ifnames igawk ijs-config ilbmtoppm imake imgtoppm im import imtest index indxbib infocmp info infokey infotocap infotopam innochecksum install install-info installsieve instmodsh intel_gpu_dump intel_gpu_top intel_stepping intel_upload_blit_large_gtt intel_upload_blit_large intel_upload_blit_large_map intel_upload_blit_small intro ionice ipcmk ipcrm ipcs ipv4calc ircat irexec irpty irrecord irsend irw irxevent isodebug isodump isoinfo isovfy

Man pages starting with 'J

jar jarsigner javac javadoc javah java javap jbigtopnm jconsole jdb jhat jinfo jmap join jpeg2ktopam jpeg2yuv jpegicc jpegtopnm jps jrunscript jsadebugd jstack jstatd jstat jvmjar

Man pages starting with 'K

kbd_mode keyctl keytool killall kill koi8rxterm ksh

Man pages starting with 'L

lastb last lav2wav lav2yuv lavpipe lavplay lavrec lavtrans lbxproxy ld86 ldapadd ldapcompare ldapdelete ldapexop ldapmodify ldapmodrdn ldappasswd ldapsearch ldapurl ldapwhoami ldbadd ldbdel ldbedit ldbmodify ldbrename ldbsearch ldd ld leaftoppm lefty lessecho less lesskey lexgrog lex liberror libnetcfg libnetpbm_dir libxrx line link lircrcd lispmtopgm listres lkbib lmtptest lndir lneato ln loadkeys localedef lockfile logger login logname lookbib look lore lp lpoptions lppasswd lpq lpr lprm lpstat lqtplay lsattr lsb_release lscpu lshal ls luit lwp-download lwp-dump lwp-mirror lwp-request lwp-rget lzcat lzcmp lzdiff lzegrep lzfgrep lzgrep lzless lzmadec lzma lzmainfo lzmore

Man pages starting with 'M

m4 mac2unix macptopbm magnifier mail mailmail mailq mailstat mailto-hebrew mailto mailx makedepend makeg make make_method makestrs manconv manhole man manpath mattrib mautil mbadblocks mbchk mcat mcd mclasserase mconfig mcookie mcopy mcs md5sum mdatopbm mdel mdeltree mdiff mdir mdu mergelib mesg metacity metacity-message metacity-theme-viewer metacity-window-demo metamail metasend mev mformat mgrep mgrtopbm mib2c mib2c-update mimecheck mime mimencode minfo mjpegtools mk_cmds mkdirhier mkdir mkfifo mkfontdir mkfontscale mkhtmlindex mkmanifest mknod mktap mktemp mlabel mmd mmencode mmount mmove mmroff mode2 mogrify mono montage more mountpoint mouse-test mousetweaks mozroots mpartition mplex mrd mren mrf mrftopbm msgattrib msgcat msgcmp msgcomm msgconv msgen msgexec msgfilter msgfmt msggrep msginit msgmerge msgunfmt msguniq mshowfat mt mtools mtoolstest mtvtoppm mtype mupdatetest mutt mv myisamchk myisam_ftdump myisamlog myisampack my_print_defaults mysqladmin mysqlbinlog mysqlbug mysqlcheck mysql_config mysqld_multi mysqld_safe mysqldump mysqldumpslow mysql_fix_extensions mysql_fix_privilege_tables mysql mysqlimport mysql_install_db mysql_secure_installation mysqlshow mysql_upgrade mytool mzip

Man pages starting with 'N

namei native2ascii nautilus-connect-server nautilus-file-management-properties nautilus nautilus-sendto ncat nc neato neotoppm neqn netcat netpbm net-snmp-config newaliases newgrp ngettext nice nl nlmconv nmap nmblookup nmbstatus nm nm-tool nntptest nohup nop nroff nseq nslookup nsupdate ntpdate ntpdc ntpd ntpdsim ntp-keygen ntpq ntptime ntptrace

Man pages starting with 'O

objcopy objdump oclock od ogg123 oggdec oggenc ogginfo ogonkify omshell on_ac_power opannotate oparchive opcontrol openssl openvt opgprof ophelp opimport opreport oprofile orbd orca

Man pages starting with 'P

pabrowse pacat pack200 pacmd pactl padsp palmtopnm pamaddnoise pamarith pambackground pambayer pamchannel pamcomp pamcut pamdeinterlace pamdepth pamdice pamditherbw pamedge pamendian pamenlarge pamfile pamfixtrunc pamflip pamfunc pamgauss pamgradient pamlookup pammasksharpen pammixinterlace pamoil pamperspective pampick pampop9 pamrgbatopng pamscale pamseq pamsharpmap pamsharpness pamsistoaglyph pamslice pamsplit pamstack pamstereogram pamstretch-gen pamstretch pamsummcol pamsumm pamthreshold pamtilt pamtodjvurle pamtofits pamtogif pamtohdiff pamtohtmltbl pamtojpeg2k pamtompfont pamtooctaveimg pamtopam pamtopfm pamtopnm pamtosvg pamtotga pamtotiff pamtouil pamtoxvmini pamundice pamx pango-querymodules pango-view paplay passwd paste pasuspender patch patch-metamail pathchk pax11publish pax pbmclean pbmlife pbmmake pbmmask pbmminkowski pbmpage pbmpscale pbmreduce pbmtext pbmtextps pbmto10x pbmto4425 pbmtoascii pbmtoatk pbmtobbnbg pbmtocis pbmtocmuwm pbmtodjvurle pbmtoepsi pbmtoepson pbmtoescp2 pbmtog3 pbmtogem pbmtogo pbmtoibm23xx pbmtoicon pbmtolj pbmtoln03 pbmtolps pbmtomacp pbmtomda pbmtomgr pbmtomrf pbmtonokia pbmtopgm pbmtopi3 pbmtopk pbmtoplot pbmtoppa pbmtopsg3 pbmtoptx pbmtowbmp pbmtox10bm pbmtoxbm pbmtoybm pbmtozinc pbmupc pc1toppm pcap-config pcdovtoppm pcf2vpnc pcl3opts pcxtoppm pdf2dsc pdf2ps pdffonts pdfimages pdfinfo pdfopt pdftohtml pdftoppm pdftops pdftotext pdiff peekfd perl5004delta perl5005delta perl5100delta perl561delta perl56delta perl570delta perl571delta perl572delta perl573delta perl581delta perl582delta perl583delta perl584delta perl585delta perl586delta perl587delta perl588delta perl58delta perl590delta perl591delta perl592delta perl593delta perl594delta perl595delta perlapi perlapio perlartistic perlbook perlboot perlbot perlbug perlcall perlce perlcheat perlclib perlcn perlcommunity perlcompile perldata perldbmfilter perldebguts perldebtut perldebug perldelta perldiag perldoc perldsc perlebcdic perlembed perlfaq1 perlfaq2 perlfaq3 perlfaq4 perlfaq5 perlfaq6 perlfaq7 perlfaq8 perlfaq9 perlfaq perlfilter perlfork perlform perlfunc perlglossary perlgpl perlguts perlhack perlhist perl perlintern perlintro perliol perlipc perlivp perljp perlko perllexwarn perllinux perllocale perllol perlmod perlmodinstall perlmodlib perlmodstyle perlmpeix perlnewmod perlnumber perlobj perlopentut perlop perlothrtut perlpacktut perlpod perlpodspec perlport perlpragma perlreapi perlrebackslash perlrecharclass perlref perlreftut perlreguts perlre perlrequick perlreref perlretut perlriscos perlrun perlsec perlstyle perlsub perlsymbian perlsyn perlthrtut perltie perltodo perltooc perltoot perltrap perltw perlunicode perlunifaq perluniintro perlunitut perlutil perlvar perlxs perlxstut pf2afm pfbtopfa pfbtops pfmtopam pftp pgawk pgmabel pgmbentley pgmcrater pgmdeshadow pgmedge pgmenhance pgmhist pgmkernel pgmmake pgmmedian pgmminkowski pgmmorphconv pgmnoise pgmnorm pgmoil pgmramp pgmslice pgmtexture pgmtofs pgmtolispm pgmtopbm pgmtopgm pgmtoppm pgmtoy4m pgrep php5 php-config5 php phpize5 pi1toppm pi3topbm pic2graph pic piconv picttoppm pinky pjtoppm pkaction pkcheck pkcon pkcs12 pkcs7 pkcs8 pk-debuginfo-install pkexec pkg-config pkgenpack pkill pkmon pktopbm pl2pm pmap pm-pmu pmt-fd0ssh png2yuv pngtopam pngtopnm pnmalias pnmarith pnmcat pnmcolormap pnmcomp pnmconvol pnmcrop pnmcut pnmdepth pnmfile pnmgamma pnmhisteq pnmhistmap pnmindex pnminterp pnminvert pnmmargin pnmmontage pnmnlfilt pnmnoraw pnmnorm pnmpad pnmpaste pnmpsnr pnmquant pnmremap pnmrotate pnmscalefixed pnmscale pnmshear pnmsmooth pnmsplit pnmstitch pnmtile pnmtoddif pnmtofiasco pnmtofits pnmtojbig pnmtojpeg pnmtopalm pnmtopclxl pnmtoplainpnm pnmtopng pnmtopnm pnmtops pnmtorast pnmtorle pnmtosgi pnmtosir pnmtotiffcmyk pnmtotiff pnmtoxwd pnmtoy4m pod2html pod2latex pod2man pod2text pod2usage podchecker podselect pointer-capture-applet polkit-action polkit-auth polkit-config-file-validate polkit-policy-file-validate pop3test postalias postcat postconf postdrop postfix postkick postlock postlog postmap postmulti postqueue postsuper ppm3d ppmbrighten ppmchange ppmcie ppmcolormask ppmdcfont ppmddumpfont ppmdim ppmdist ppmdither ppmdmkfont ppmdraw ppmfade ppmflash ppmforge ppmglobe ppmhist ppmlabel ppmmake ppmmix ppmnorm ppmntsc ppmpat ppmquantall ppmquant ppmrainbow ppmrelief ppmrough ppmshadow ppmshift ppmspread ppmsvgalib ppmtoacad ppmtoarbtxt ppmtobmp ppmtoeyuv ppmtogif ppmtoicr ppmtoilbm ppmtojpeg ppmtoleaf ppmtolj ppmtomitsu ppmtompeg ppmtoneo ppmtopcx ppmtopgm ppmtopi1 ppmtopict ppmtopj ppmtopjxl ppmtoppm ppmtopuzz ppmtorgb3 ppmtosixel ppmtoterm ppmtotga ppmtouil ppmtowinicon ppmtoxpm ppmtoy4m ppmtoyuv ppmtoyuvsplit ppmtv ppmwheel prctl prezip-bin pr printafm printenv printf procmail profiles prove proxymngr prune ps2ascii ps2epsi ps2pdf12 ps2pdf13 ps2pdf ps2pdfwr ps2ps psed psfaddtable psfgettable psfstriptable psfxtable ps psidtopgm psktool psmandup pspell-config psset pstopnm pstree pstruct ptardiff ptar pth-config ptx pulseaudio pwd pwdx pyhtmlizer python

Man pages starting with 'Q


Man pages starting with 'R

rand ranlib rasttopnm rawtopgm rawtoppm rbash rcs2log rdesktop readelf readlink readprofile rebuild-jar-repository rebuild-security-providers recode recode-sr-latin red refer rename rendercheck renice req reset resize resolveip resolve_stack_dump rev revpath rgb3toppm rgview rgvim richtext rlatopam rletopnm rmdir rm rmic rmid rmiregistry rpcclient rpcgen rpntutorial rrd-beginners rrdbuild rrdcgi rrdcreate rrddump rrdfetch rrdfirst rrdgraph_data rrdgraph_examples rrdgraph_graph rrdgraph rrdgraph_rpn rrdinfo rrdlast rrdlastupdate rrdresize rrdrestore rrdthreads rrdtool rrdtune rrdtutorial rrdupdate rrdxport rsa rsautl rstartd rstart rsync runcon runidn run-with-aspell rview rvim

Man pages starting with 'S

s2p sa-compile sa-learn sash sa-update sax2 sbigtopgm sccmap scdaemon schemagen s_client scout scp screendump screen script scriptreplay sdiff seahorse-agent seahorse-daemon seahorse-tool section-index sed seed sendmail sensors seq serialver servertool sessreg setfacl setfattr setleds setmetamode setreg setsid setterm setxkbmap sftp sg sgitopnm sha1sum sha224sum sha256sum sha384sum sha512sum sharesec shar shasum shcomp showaudio showexternal showfont showkey shownonascii showpartial showpicture showrgb showtable shred shuf sieveshell sigtool sirtopnm sivtest size skill slabtop sldtoppm sleep slogin slsh smbcacls smbclient smbcontrol smbcquotas smbget smbstatus smbtar smbtree smicache smidiff smidump smilint smime smiquery smistrip smode2 smoltDeleteProfile smoltGui smoltSendProfile smproxy smtptest sn snice snmpbulkget snmpbulkwalk snmpcmd snmpconf snmpdelta snmpdf snmpget snmpgetnext snmpinform snmpkey snmpnetstat snmpset snmpstatus snmptable snmptest snmptranslate snmptrap snmpusm snmpvacm snmpwalk sntp soapsuds soelim sort spamassassin spamassassin-run spamc spamd spctoppm speaker-test spkac splain splashy_config splashy splashy_update splitfont split splitmail spottopgm sprof sputoppm sqlite sqlsharp s_server ssh-add ssh-agent ssh-askpass ssh-copy-id ssh ssh-keyconverter ssh-keygen ssh-keyscan ssldump stap startx stat strace stream strings strip stty su sum sxpm symcryptrun sync synclient syndaemon system-config-printer-applet system-config-printer systool

Man pages starting with 'T

tac tack tailf tail tap2deb tap2rpm tapconvert tar taskset tbl tclsh tcpdump tcsh tee telnet test testparm texi2dvi4a2ps tfmtodit tgatoppm thinkjettopbm tic tickadj tifficc tifftopnm time timeout tkconch tkmib tload tnameserv toe top touch tput traceroute6 traceroute traptoemail tred tr trial troff true truncate tset tsort tty twistd twm twopi

Man pages starting with 'U

ucs2any ul uname unexpand unflatten unicode_start unicode_stop uniconv unify uniprint uniq unix2dos unlink unlzma unpack200 unrar unshar unxz unzip unzipsfx update-mime-database uptime users usleep uudecode uuencode uuidgen uxterm

Man pages starting with 'V

vcut vdir verify version vidtoppm view viewres vi vimdiff vim vimtutor vinagre vitmp vmmouse_detect vncconnect vncpasswd vncserver vncviewer volname vorbiscomment vttest

Man pages starting with 'W

w3m w3mman wall watchgnupg watch wbmptopbm wc wdiff wftopfa wget whatis whereis which whoami who w winicontoppm wish wol word-list-compress write wsdl wsgen wsimport wtpt wvAbw wvCleanLatex wvDVI wvHtml wvLatex wvMime wvPDF wvPS wvRTF wvSummary wvText wvVersion wvWare wvWml

Man pages starting with 'X

x11perfcomp x11perf x11-ssh-askpass x509 xargs xauth xbacklight xbiff xbmtopbm xcalc xclipboard xclock xcmsdb xcompmgr xconsole xcursorgen xcutsel xdbedizzy xdg-desktop-icon xdg-desktop-menu xdg-email xdg-icon-resource xdg-mime xdg-open xdg-screensaver xdg-su xditview xdm xdpr xdpyinfo xdriinfo xedit xev xeyes xfd xfindproxy xfontsel xfs xfsinfo xft-config xfwp xgamma xgc xgettext xhost ximtoppm xinit xinput xjc xkbcomp xkbctrl xkbevd xkbprint xkill xload xlogo xlsatoms xlsclients xlsfonts xmag xman xmessage xmh xmkmf xml2po xmlcatalog xmllint xmode2 xmode xmodmap xmore xon xphelloworld xplsprinters xpmtoppm xprehashprinterlist xpr xprop xpsimplehelloworld xpxthelloworld xquery xrandr xrdb xrefresh xrestop xrx xscreensaver-command xscreensaver-demo xscreensaver-getimage-file xscreensaver-getimage xscreensaver-getimage-video xscreensaver xscreensaver-text xsd xset xsetmode xsetpointer xsetroot xsltproc xsm xstdcmap xsubpp xterm xtermset xtp xtrapchar xtrap xtrapinfo xtrapin xtrapout xtrapproto xtrapreset xtrapstats xvidtune xvinfo xvminitoppm xwd xwdtopnm xwininfo xwud xxd xzcat xzcmp xzdec xzdiff xzegrep xzfgrep xzgrep xz xzless xzmore

Man pages starting with 'Y

y4mcolorbars y4mdenoise y4mtopnm y4mtoppm y4munsharp ybmtopbm yes ypcat ypchfn ypchsh ypmatch yppasswd ypwhich yuv2lav yuvdenoise yuvfps yuvinactive yuvkineco yuvmedianfilter yuvplay yuvscaler yuvsplittoppm yuvtoppm yuvycsnoise

Man pages starting with 'Z

zcat zcmp zdiff zeisstopnm zenity zforce zgrep zipgrep zip zipinfo zless zmore znew zoo zshall zshbuiltins zshcalsys zshcompctl zshcompsys zshcompwid zshcontrib zshexpn zsh zshmisc zshmodules zshoptions zshparam zshroadmap zshtcpsys zshzftpsys zshzle zsoelim

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