Splashy - a user-mode, POSIX and LSB compliant, boot splashing system for UNIX.


splashy_update <text>


Splashy displays an image and a progress bar at boot time. splashy_update is used to send commands to the running Splashy daemon. See COMMANDS below to know which commands Splashy understands.


text Sends text to Splashy socket.


chroot <string> <string> is a valid path to which Splashy will be chroot’d.
chvt <number> Switch to vt <number>.
clear Clears the text box area.
CLEAR Same as clrprint. For compatibility with usplash.
exit Exits Splashy server.
getstring <string> Makes splashy prompt for a string. The first argument will be the prompt displayed.
getpass <string> Same as getstring except that the characters typed will no be shown, like in a password box.
progress <number> Updates the progress bar to <number>%, where N is a number between 0 and 100.
PROGRESS <number> Same as progress. For compatibility with usplash.
print <string> Print <string> in the text box.
scroll <string> Print <string> in the text box and scroll down.
repaint Redraw the background image.
TEXT <string> Same as print. For compatibility with usplash.
SCROLL <string> Same as scroll.
timeout <number> Sets the amount of seconds splashy waits for new commands. If that time is exceeded, it exits.
QUIT Same as exit. For compatibility with usplash.


1 cannot open the socket
2 cannot write to socket
3 invalid args
255 /etc/splashy does not exist


/etc/splashy/config.xml Main configuration. defines how splashy should be setup.


splashy(1), splashy_config(1), splashy-config.xml(5), splashy-theme.xml(5)


Andrew Williams <>

Luis Mondesi <>

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