xdbedizzy - demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene


xdbedizzy \kx [-display host:dpy] [-delta dlt] [-class visclass] [-depth visdepth] [-visid visualid] [-list] [-nodb] [-help] [-speed number] [-sync] [-spokes n] [-verbose]

xdbedizzy \kx [-print] [-printer printername] [-printfile file] [-delta dlt] [-class visclass] [-depth visdepth] [-visid visualid] [-list] [-nodb] [-help] [-sync] [-spokes n] [-verbose]


xdbedizzy is a demo of DBE creating a double buffered spinning scene.


-display host:dpy
 This option specifies the X server to contact.
-print Switches to printer output (default is video output). If no other printer arguments are given the default printer is being used.
-printer printername
 This option specifies the Xprint printer to contact.
-printfile filename
 Redirects the PDL (Printer Desktoption Language, usually Postscript, PDF, PCL, etc.) stream to the specified file.
-numpages count
 Number of pages to print. Default is 5.
-delta dlt
 Delta value used to rotate the scene for each frame (video output) or page (printer output).
-class visclass
 Name of visual to choose. Valid values are TrueColor, DirectColor, PseudoColor, StaticColor, Grayscale, StaticGray
-depth depth
 Depth of visual to use.
-visid visualid
 Visual ID to use (ignore -class, -depth).
-list List double buffer capable visuals.
-nodb Single buffer (ignore -class, -depth, -visid).
-help Prints usage and exists.
-speed value
 Defines the time to delay between frames as delay=2sec/speed. Default value is 20. This option is ignored in print mode.
-sync Use synchronous X connection.
-spokes value
 Specify number of spokes to draw. The default value is 12.
 Print verbose output.


DBE(3), XdbeSwapBuffers(3), XdbeGetVisualInfo(3), XdbeAllocateBackBufferName(3), X(7), Xprint(7), Xserver(1)


 DISPLAY must be set to get the default host and display to use.
 XPSERVERLIST must be set for the -printer option identifying the available Xprint servers. See Xprint(7) for more details.


Mark Kilgard

Allen Leinwand

Roland Mainz

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