netpbm_directory - netpbm library directory

We have the programs divided into these categories:










pnmtopnm(1) convert PNM image to PNM raw or plain

pgmtopgm(1) convert PGM or PBM image to PGM

ppmtoppm(1) convert PPM, PGM, or PBM image to PPM

pamtopam(1) convert PAM image to PAM

pbmtopgm(1) convert PBM image to PGM by averaging areas

pgmtopbm(1) (Obsolete) convert PGM image to PBM by dithering

pgmtoppm(1) colorize a PGM into a PPM

ppmtopgm(1) convert PPM image to PGM

ppmtompeg(1) convert series of PPM frames to an MPEG movie

jpegtopnm(1) convert JFIF/JPEG/EXIF file to Netpbm format

pnmtojpeg(1) convert PNM to JPEG/JFIF/EXIF format

pamtojpeg2k(1) convert PNM/PAM to JPEG-2000 code stream

jpeg2ktopam(1) convert JPEG-2000 code stream to PAM/PNM

anytopnm(1) convert any graphics format to Netpbm format

bmptopnm(1) convert Windows or OS/2 Bitmap file to PPM or PGM

ppmtobmp(1) convert PPM to Windows or OS/2 Bitmap file

winicontoppm(1) convert Windows icon file to PPM

ppmtowinicon(1) convert PPM to Windows icon file

giftopnm(1) convert GIF to PNM

pamtogif(1) convert PAM or PNM to GIF

ppmtogif(1) obsolete compatibility interface to pamtogif

pnmtopng(1) convert Netpbm format to Portable Network Graphics

pngtopam(1) convert PNG (Portable Network Graphics) to Netpbm formats

pngtopnm(1) obsolete version of pngtopam(1)

(kept because it may have fewer bugs)

pamrgbatopng(1) convert PAM color/transparency image to PNG

palmtopnm(1) convert Palm pixmap to Netpbm formats

pnmtopalm(1) convert Netpbm formats to Palm pixmap

ddbugtopbm(1) convert Palm DiddleBug image to PBM

jbigtopnm(1) convert JBIG BIE (compressed bitmap) to PNM

pamtopnm(1) convert a PAM image to PBM, PGM, or PPM

pnmtojbig(1) convert PNM to JBIG BIE (compressed bitmap)

pnmtofiasco(1) convert Netpbm image to Fiasco (wfa) highly compressed format

fiascotopnm(1) convert Fiasco (wfa) highly compressed format to Netpbm image

pamtosvg(1) convert Netpbm image to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG); trace image

pamtopfm(1) convert PAM/PNM to HDRshop PFM (Portable Float Map)

pfmtopam(1) convert HDRshop PFM (Portable Float Map) to PAM

pbmtomrf(1) convert PBM image to MRF (compressed bitmap)

mrftopbm(1) convert MRF (compressed bitmap) to PBM

hpcdtoppm(1) convert photo CD to PPM

pcdovtoppm(1) Convert a photo CD PCD overview file to PPM

pbmtonokia(1) convert PBM to Nokia Smart Messaging Format (SMF)

pbmtowbmp(1) convert PBM to WAP (Wireless App Protocol) Wireless Bitmap

wbmptopbm(1) convert WAP (Wireless App Protocol) Wireless Bitmap to PBM

pamtooctave(1) convert PNM/PAM to Gnu Octave image

pamtohtmltbl(1) convert PNM/PAM to an HTML table with a colored cell for each pixel

pbmtomda(1) convert from PBM to Microdesign (for Amstrad PCWs)

mdatopbm(1) convert from Microdesign (for Amstrad PCWs) to PBM

atktopbm(1) convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to PBM

pbmtoatk(1) convert PBM to Andrew Toolkit raster object

cistopbm(1) convert Compuserve RLE image to PBM

pbmtocis(1) convert PBM to Compuserve RLE image

brushtopbm(1) convert Xerox doodle brushes to PBM

cmuwmtopbm(1) convert CMU window manager format to PBM

g3topbm(1) convert Group 3 FAX to PBM

pbmtog3(1) convert PBM to Group 3 FAX

icontopbm(1) convert Sun icon to PBM

pbmtoicon(1) convert PBM to Sun icon

gemtopnm(1) convert GEM .img format to Netpbm format

macptopbm(1) convert MacPaint to PBM

pbmtomacp(1) convert PBM to MacPaint

mgrtopbm(1) convert MGR format to PBM

pbmtomgr(1) convert PBM to MGR format

infotopam(1) convert Amiga .info icons to PAM

neotoppm(1) convert Atari Neochrome (.neo) image to PPM

ppmtoneo(1) convert PPM image to Atari Neochrome (.neo)

pi1toppm(1) convert Atari Degas .pi1 to PPM

ppmtopi1(1) convert PPM to Atari Degas .pi1

pc1toppm(1) convert Atari Degas .pc1 (compressed pi1) to PPM

pi3topbm(1) convert Atari Degas .pi3 to PBM

pbmtopi3(1) convert PBM to Atari Degas .pi3

xbmtopbm(1) convert X10 or X11 bitmap to PBM

pbmtoxbm(1) convert PBM to X10 or X11 bitmap

ybmtopbm(1) convert Bennet Yee ’face’ file into PBM

pbmtoybm(1) convert PBM into Bennet Yee ’face’ file

pbmtoepson(1) convert PBM to Epson 9-pin printer graphics

pbmtoescp2(1) convert PBM to Epson ESC/P2 printer graphics

escp2topbm(1) convert Epson ESC/P2 printer graphics to PBM

pbmto10x(1) convert PBM to Gemini 10x printer graphics

pnmtopclxl(1) convert PNM to HP PCL-XL (PCL 6) printer language

ppmtopjxl(1) convert from PPM to HP Paintjet XL PCL printer stream

pbmtolj(1) convert PBM to HP LaserJet black and white graphics

ppmtolj(1) convert PPM to HP LaserJet color graphics (PCL 5)

pjtoppm(1) convert HP PaintJet file to PPM

ppmtopj(1) convert PPM to HP PaintJet file

thinkjettopbm(1) convert HP Thinkjet printer stream to PBM

pbmtoppa(1) convert PBM to HP PPA (Printer Performance Architecture) printer stream

ppmtomitsu(1) convert from PPM to Mitsubishi S340-10 printer stream

pbmtoibm23xx(1) convert from PBM to IBM 23XX printer stream

ppmtoterm(1) Display PPM image on ANSI standard text terminal

pbmto4425(1) Display PBM image on AT&T 4425 ASCII terminal with gfx chars

pbmtoascii(1) convert PBM to ASCII graphic form

asciitopgm(1) convert ASCII character graphics to PGM

pbmtobbnbg(1) convert PBM to BBN BitGraph graphics

pbmtocmuwm(1) convert PBM to CMU window manager format

pbmtogem(1) convert PBM into GEM .img file

pbmtogo(1) convert PBM to GraphOn graphics

pbmtoplot(1) convert PBM into Unix plot file

pbmtoptx(1) convert PBM to Printronix graphics

pbmtozinc(1) convert PBM to Zinc Interface Library icon

fitstopnm(1) convert FITS format to PNM

pamtofits(1) convert Netpbm formats to FITS format

fstopgm(1) convert Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format to PGM

pgmtofs(1) convert PGM to Usenix FaceSaver(tm) format

hipstopgm(1) convert HIPS format to PGM

lispmtopgm(1) convert a Lisp Machine bitmap file into PGM format

pgmtolispm(1) convert PGM into Lisp Machine format

pnmtops(1) convert Netpbm formats to Postscript

pstopnm(1) convert Postscript to Netpbm formats

psidtopgm(1) convert PostScript ’image’ data to PGM

pbmtolps(1) convert PBM image to Postscript using lines

pbmtoepsi(1) convert a PBM image to encapsulated Postscript preview bitmap

pbmtopsg3(1) convert PBM images to Postscript using G3 fax compression.

rawtopgm(1) convert raw grayscale bytes to PGM

gouldtoppm(1) convert Gould scanner file to PPM

ilbmtoppm(1) convert IFF ILBM to PPM

ppmtoilbm(1) convert PPM to IFF ILBM

imgtoppm(1) convert Img-whatnot to PPM

mtvtoppm(1) convert MTV ray-tracer output to PPM

pcxtoppm(1) convert PC Paintbrush format to PPM

picttoppm(1) convert Macintosh PICT to PPM

ppmtopict(1) convert PPM to Macintosh PICT

qrttoppm(1) convert QRT ray-tracer output to PPM

rawtoppm(1) convert raw RGB bytes to PPM

sldtoppm(1) convert an AutoCAD slide file into a PPM

spctoppm(1) convert Atari compressed Spectrum to PPM

sputoppm(1) convert Atari uncompressed Spectrum to PPM

tgatoppm(1) convert TrueVision Targa file to PPM

pamtotga(1) convert PAM to TrueVision Targa file

ximtoppm(1) convert Xim to PPM

xpmtoppm(1) convert XPM format to PPM

ppmtoxpm(1) convert PPM to XPM format

yuvtoppm(1) convert Abekas YUV format to PPM

eyuvtoppm(1) convert Encoder/Berkeley YUV format to PPM

ppmtoeyuv(1) convert PPM to Encoder/Berkeley YUV format

ppmtoyuv(1) convert PPM to Abekas YUV format

ppmtoyuvsplit(1) convert PPM to 3 subsampled raw Stanford MPEG YUV files

yuvsplittoppm(1) merge 3 subsampled raw YUV files to one PPM

ppmtoacad(1) convert PPM to AutoCAD database or slide

ppmtoicr(1) convert PPM to NCSA ICR graphics

ppmtopcx(1) convert PPM to PC Paintbrush format

ppmtopuzz(1) convert PPM to X11 ’puzzle’ file

rasttopnm(1) convert Sun raster file to Netpbm formats

pnmtorast(1) convert Netpbm formats to Sun raster file

tifftopnm(1) convert TIFF file to PNM

pamtotiff(1) convert Netpbm formats to TIFF RGB file

pnmtotiffcmyk(1) convert Netpbm formats to TIFF CMYK file

xwdtopnm(1) convert X10 or X11 window dump to Netpbm formats

pnmtoxwd(1) convert Netpbm formats to X11 window dump

cameratopam(1) convert raw camera image to PAM

411toppm(1) convert 411 (Sony Mavica) to PPM

ppmtosixel(1) convert PPM to DEC sixel format

ppmtouil(1) convert PPM to Motif UIL icon file

sbigtopgm(1) convert Santa Barbara Instrument Group CCD file to PGM

vidtoppm(1) convert Parallax XVideo JPEG to sequence of PPM files

pnmtorle(1) convert PNM to Utah Raster Toolkit (urt/rle) file

rletopnm(1) convert Utah Raster Toolkit (urt/rle) file to PNM

pamtodjvurle(1) convert PNM/PAM to DjVu Color RLE format

pbmtodjvurle(1) convert PBM to DjVu Bitonal RLE format

rlatopam(1) convert Alias/Wavefront RLA and RPF to PAM

ppmtoleaf(1) convert PPM to Interleaf

leaftoppm(1) convert Interleaf to PPM

bioradtopgm(1) convert Biorad confocal image to PGM

pbmtoln03(1) convert PGM image to Dec LN03+ Sixel image

pamtompfont(1) convert Netpbm image to Mplayer bitmap font

pbmtopk(1) convert PBM image to packed format (PK) font

pktopbm(1) convert packed format (PK) font to PBM image

pamtohdiff(1) convert PAM image to horizontal difference version of same

hdifftopam(1) convert horizontal difference PAM back to original image

pnmtoddif(1) convert from Netpbm formats to DDIF

pnmtosgi(1) convert from Netpbm formats to SGI format

sgitopnm(1) convert from SGI format to Netpbm formats

pnmtosir(1) convert from Netpbm formats to Solitaire Image Recorder file (MGI Type 11 or 17)

sirtopnm(1) convert from Solitaire Image Recorder file to Netpbm formats.

spottopgm(1) convert SPOT satellite image to PGM

pamtovmini(1) convert from Netpbm formats to Xv "thumbnail" picture

xvminitoppm(1) convert Xv "thumbnail" picture to PPM

zeisstopnm(1) convert a Zeiss confocal file to Netpbm format

ppmtoarbtxt(1) convert PPM to just about any text-based format, using a grammar file

Image Generators

All of these generate Netpbm format output.

pbmmake(1) create a blank PBM image of a specified size

pgmmake(1) create a PGM image of a specified size and shade of gray

ppmmake(1) create a PPM image of a specified size and color

pgmramp(1) generate a grayscale ramp (gradient)

pamgradient(1) create a four-corner gradient image

ppmpat(1) create a pretty PPM image

ppmrainbow(1) create a spectrum-like image with colors fading together.

ppmrough(1) create PPM image of two colors with a ragged border between them

pgmnoise(1) create a PGM image of white noise

pbmtext(1) render text into a PBM image

pbmtextps(1) render text into a PBM image using a Postscript interpreter

pbmupc(1) create a Universal Product Code PBM image

pamstereogram(1) create a single image stereogram from a height map

pamsistoaglyph(1) convert a single-image stereogram to a red/cyan anaglyphic image

ppmwheel(1) generate a hue-value color wheel

ppmcie(1) generate a CIE color map PPM image

pbmpage(1) create a printer test pattern page in PBM format

pamseq(1) create a PAM image of all possible tuple values. E.g. a color map containing all possible colors of given maxval

pamgauss(1) create a PAM image of a Gaussian (bell curve; normal curve) function.

ppm3d(1) generate a blue/green 3D glasses image from two images

Image Editors

All of these work on the Netpbm formats

ppmlabel(1) Add text to an image

ppmdraw(1) Draw text, lines, shapes, etc. on an image

ppmshadow(1) add a shadow to an image so it looks like it’s floating

pgmdeshadow(1) deshadow a PGM image

ppmbrighten(1) brighten or dim an image -- change saturation and value

ppmflash(1) brighten an image

ppmdim(1) dim an image - different way from ppmbrighten

ppmfade(1) Produce series of images fading from one to another

pbmreduce(1) reduce a PBM N times, using Floyd-Steinberg

pnmnorm(1) normalize contrast

pbmpscale(1) enlarge a PBM image with edge smoothing

pamscale(1) scale/resample an image with high precision

pnmscalefixed(1) scale an image quickly with low precision

pamenlarge(1) enlarge an image N times

pamperspective(1) Change perspective distortion in an image

ppmdither(1) ordered dither for color images

pamditherbw(1) dither a grayscale image to black and white (convert PGM to PBM)

pamthreshold(1) threshold a grayscale image to black and white (convert PGM to PBM)

pnmcolormap(1) Choose the N best colors to represent an image; create a colormap

pnmremap(1) Replace colors in an image with those from a color map

ppmquant(1) quantize colors in a color image down to fewer colors - obsolete

pnmquant(1) quantize colors/shades in a color or grayscale image down to fewer

ppmquantall(1) quantize colors on many files

ppmrelief(1) run a Laplacian Relief filter on a PPM

pamfunc(1) apply simple arithmetic function to samples in an image

pamarith(1) apply simple arithmetic binary function to samples in two images

pamsummcol(1) summarize (sum, average, etc) an image by column

pnmcat(1) concatenate images

pnmpad(1) add borders to an image

pamcomp(1) create composite (overlay) of images

pnmcomp(1) obsolete version of pamcomp(1)

(kept because it may have fewer bugs)

ppmmix(1) mix (overlay) two images.

pnmcrop(1) crop all like-colored borders off an image

pamcut(1) select a rectangular region from an image

pamdice(1) slice an image into many horizontally and/or vertically

pamundice(1) Assemble an image from tiles (opposite of pamdice)

pamdeinterlace(1) remove every other row from an image

pammixinterlace(1) mix adjacent lines to merge interlaced images

pnmstitch(1) stitch together panoramic (side-by-side) photographs

ppmglobe(1) Turn a cylindrical projection into strips that can be glued onto a sphere

pamlookup(1) map an image to a new image by using it as indices into a table

pamdepth(1) change the maxval in an image

pamendian(1) Swap bytes in multi-byte samples of a PAM image

pamflip(1) perform one or more flip operations on an image

pamstretch(1) scale up an image by inserting interpolated pixels

pamstretch-gen(1) scale by non-integer values using pamstretch and pamscale

pnminvert(1) invert an image

pnmgamma(1) perform gamma correction on an image

pnmhisteq(1) histogram equalize image to increase contrast

pnmmargin(1) add a margin to an image

pnmpaste(1) paste a rectangle into an image

pnmrotate(1) rotate an image

pnmshear(1) shear an image

pgmabel(1) create cross-section of an image using Abel integration for deconvolution

pnmsmooth(1) smooth an image

pgmmedian(1) apply a median filter to an image

pamaddnoise(1) add noise to an image

pnmtile(1) replicate an image into a specified size

pbmclean(1) remove lone pixels (snow) from a PBM image

pnmalias(1) antialias an image

ppmchange(1) change all of one color to another in PPM image

pnmnlfilt(1) filter an image by replacing each pixel with a function of nearby pixels

ppmshift(1) shift lines of PPM image left or right a random amount

ppmspread(1) move pixels of PPM image a random amount

pnmconvol(1) general MxN convolution on an image. Can blur an image.

pgmmorphconv(1) perform morphological convolutions on a PGM image: dilation and erosion.

pgmminkowski(1) Compute Minkowski integral over a PGM image

pbmminkowski(1) Compute Minkowski integral over a PBM image

pamedge(1) edge-detect (outline) an image

pammasksharpen(1) sharpen an image via an unsharp mask

rgb3toppm(1) combine three PGMs into one PPM

ppmtorgb3(1) separate a PPM into three PGMs

pgmenhance(1) edge-enhance a PGM image

pbmlife(1) apply Conway’s rules of Life to a PBM image

ppmdist(1) map colors to high contrast grayscales arbitrarily

ppmntsc(1) adjust colors so they are legal for NTSC or PAL television

Image Analyzers

These all work on the Netpbm formats as input.

pamfile(1) describe an image’s vital characteristics

pnmpsnr(1) measure difference between two images

pamslice(1) print a row or column of an image in ASCII decimal

pgmtexture(1) calculate textural features on a PGM image

pgmhist(1) print a histogram of the values in a PGM image

ppmhist(1) print a histogram of a PPM

pnmhistmap(1) draw a histogram of a PGM or PPM

pnmcolormap(1) create quantization color map for an image

pamsumm(1) Summarize (sum, average, etc.) all samples in an image

pamsharpness(1) measure the sharpness of an image

pamsharpmap(1) create map of sharpness in an image

pamtilt(1) Measure the tilt of an image, i.e. document skew


pamchannel(1) extract individual planes (channel, e.g. R, G, or B) from an image

pamstack(1) stack the planes of multiple PAM images into a single output image

pampick(1) pick images out of a multi-image Netpbm image stream

pamsplit(1) split a multi-image Netpbm file into multiple 1-image files

pamfixtrunc(1) repair a Netpbm image whose file is truncated

pambayer(1) interpret Bayer patterns

pamx(1) display a Netpbm image in an X Window System window

ppmsvgalib(1) display a PPM image on a Linux virtual console using Svgalib

pbmmask(1) create a mask bitmap from a regular bitmap

ppmcolormask(1) create mask of areas of a certain color in an image

pambackground(1) create mask of the background of an image

pnmindex(1) build a visual index of a bunch of Netpbm images

pnmmontage(1) build multiple Netpbm images into a single montage image

pgmbentley(1) Bentleyize a PGM image

pgmcrater(1) create cratered terrain by fractal forgery

pamoil(1) turn a PNM or PAM image into an oil painting

ppmforge(1) fractal forgeries of clouds, planets, and starry skies

pgmkernel(1) generate a convolution kernel

ppmtv(1) make an image lined so it looks like an old TV

pampop9(1) simulate a multi-lens camera such as the Pop9

ppmdmkfont(1) create Ppmdfont ’standard’

ppmddumpfont(1) dump a Ppmdfont file

ppmdcfont(1) Turn a Ppmdfont file into C source for a builtin font

Obsolete Names

There used to be programs by the following names. Each has been either renamed to a more illustrative name, or superseded by a more general function. In most cases, Netpbm is installed with symbolic links that allow old programs and procedures to use these names but run the replacement programs:









































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