isodebug - print genisoimage debug info from ISO-9660 image


isodebug [ options ] [ file ]


Isodebug reads the debug info written by genisoimage(8) from within a ISO-9660 file system image and prints them.


-help Prints a short summary of the isodebug options and exists.
-version Prints the isodebug version number string and exists.
 Filename to read ISO-9660 image from.
 SCSI target to use as CD/DVD-Recorder. See wodim(1) for more information on now to use this option.



wodim(1), genisoimage(1).

AUTHOR Schilling Seestr. 110 D-13353 Berlin Germany

AUTHOR Schilling Seestr. 110 D-13353 Berlin Germany

This manpage describes the program implementation of isodebug as shipped by the cdrkit distribution. See for details. It is a spinoff from the original program distributed in the cdrtools package [1]. However, the cdrtools developers are not involved in the development of this spinoff and therefore shall not be made responsible for any problem caused by it. Do not try to get support for this program by contacting the original author(s).

If you have support questions, send them to

If you have definitely found a bug, send a mail to this list or to

writing at least a short description into the Subject and "Package: cdrkit" into the first line of the mail body.

[1] Cdrtools 2.01.01a08 from May 2006,

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