fonts-config - configures installed X11 fonts.


fonts-config [OPTION]...


-f, --force Force the update of all generated files even if it appears to be unnecessary according to the time stamps.
-q, --quiet Work silently, unless an error occurs.
-v, --verbose Print some progress messages to standard output.
-d, --debug Print a lot of debugging messages to standard output.
--(no)gs-fontmap Generate (or don’t generate) a Fontmap for Ghostscript.

Can only work if the ’ftdump’ binary which is in the ’ft2demos’ packages is available.

--(no)ttcap Generate (or don’t generate) TTCap entries. TTCap entries can be used with the xtt module and with recent versions of the freetype module.
--(no)ooo Generate (or don’t generate) font setup for OpenOffice
--(no)java Generate (or don’t generate) font setup for Java 1.4.x and Java 1.5.x.
--bcbwmax size Maximum pixel size to use the byte code interpreter with black and white rendering.
--version Display version and exit.
-h, --help Display a short help message and exit.


Configures installed X11 fonts. Basically it does the following things:
call cidfont-x11-config cidfont-x11-config is another little perl script which configures CID-keyed fonts for use with X11, see cidfont-x11-config(1).
creates fonts.scale and fonts.dir files To find the list of directories currently used for server side fonts, /etc/X11/xorg.conf is parsed and merged with a hardcoded list of directories. If the font server xfs is running, /etc/X11/fs/config is also parsed and the list of directories found there is merged as well.

For each directory from this list, the time stamps of the directory, the fonts.scale file, the fonts.dir file and an extra time stamp file .fonts-config-timestamp are checked. If not all the time stamps are equal or any of these files is missing, the fonts.scale and fonts.dir files will be updated as follows:

First of all a fonts.scale file is created by calling mkfontscale.

Then, the entries found in the fonts.scale file are merged with the entries from all fonts.scale.* files.

fonts.scale.* files may be supplied by rpm-packages or manually added by the user to override or amend the entries created automatically by mkfontscale. Entries in a fonts.scale.* file have higher priority than entries automatically created by mkfontscale. All entries generated automatically by mkfontscale for a certain font file are discarded if any fonts.scale.* file contains an entry for the same font file.

If the xtt module is configured to load in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, additional entries may be created to make use of the artificial bold and italic features of xtt. The time stamp of /etc/X11/xorg.conf is not checked, i.e. you have to use fonts-config --force after editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf to switch between the xtt and freetype modules.

After the final list of entries has been written back to fonts.scale, mkfontdir is called.

Finally, the time stamps of the directory, fonts.scale, fonts.dir, and .fonts-config-timestamp are set to the time when fonts-config started.

If any fonts.scale file in the directory list needed an update and the option --gs-fontmap is set, a Ghostcript Fontmap is also generated for all scalable fonts in the directory list and the result is written to /usr/share/ghostscript/*/lib/Fontmap.X11-auto.

call fc-cache creates cache files for fonts to use with client side font rendering via fontconfig/libXft, for details see fc-cache(1). fonts.cache-2 cache files are generated in /var/cache/fontconfig for all directories which are configured in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and all their subdirectories.
Usually fonts-config is called automatically via SuSEconfig (SuSEconfig --module fonts), which is usually automatically called by YaST2. But you can also execute fonts-config directly, which is mainly useful to debug it.


/etc/sysconfig/fonts-config Default values for some command line options of fonts-config are read from this file if it exists. The options currently supported in this file are:
GENERATE_TTCAP_ENTRIES can be set to yes or no and sets the default for the option --(no)ttcap.
GENERATE_GHOSTSCRIPT_FONTMAPS can be set to yes or no and sets the default for the option --(no)gs-fontmap.

This can only work if the ’ftdump’ binary which is in the ’ft2demos’ packages is available.

GENERATE_OOO_FONT_SETUP can be set to yes or no and sets the default for the option --(no)ooo.
GENERATE_JAVA_FONT_SETUP can be set to yes or no and sets the default for the option --(no)java.
BYTECODE_BW_MAX_PIXEL can be set to any integer value and sets the default for the option --bcbwmax.


fc-cache(1), cidfont-x11-config(1), mkfontdir(1), mkfontscale(1)


Mike FABIAN <>, 2003.

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