patch-metamail - Install a patch to the latest metamail release


patch-metamail source-tree-root patch-number [hostname [dirname [prefix]]]


The patch-metamail program will attempt to retreive a patch file for the metamail distribution, using anonymous ftp to a trusted server, and then install that patch in your local copy of the distribution.

The first two arguments, which are required, are the root directory of your local copy of the metamail source directory, and the patch number. The former is site-dependent, the latter is patch-dependent.

In general, patch-metamail is intended to be called via metamail, with a mailcap entry like the following:

application/x-metamail-patch;patch-metamail source-tree-root %{patchnumber}; needsterminal

The default values for the host to ftp to, the directory name to retrieve the file from, and the patch file name prefix are hard-wired to, pub/nsb, and "mm.patch.". While you can override these on the command line, it would be a big mistake to make these parameterized based on the contents of a mail message, because then someone could spoof you into retrieving a new version of metamail with a Trojan horse from their site! However, as long as you retain control over what host and directory the patches are retrieved from, this program is reasonably safe (as safe as the host you’re depending on, anyway).




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