MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions


Not a command -- see the SEE ALSO section for usable commands.


MIME is the official proposed standard format for extended Internet electronic mail. The MIME format permits email to include enhanced text, graphics, audio, and more, in a standardized and interoperable manner. If you send and receive mail with a MIME-compliant mail system, you will be able to send and receive far more than ASCII text.

Various different people and companies are implementing MIME-compliant software. This man page was provided, by user request, as part of the freely-available "metamail" distribution from Bellcore. Metamail provides a complete MIME implementation, but there may well be others at your site, too. The "SEE ALSO" section only refers to the tools that came as part of the metamail distribution.


metamail(1), mailto(1), metasend(1), mmencode(1), richtext(1), splitmail(1), mailto-hebrew(1)


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