xmode - Calculate X11 Modelines


xmode [ options ]


xmode calculates X11 modelines according to your specifications the output from xmode contains three lines where the first line print the horizontal sync value in Khz and the second line the refresh rate in Hz The third and last line is the modeline to be used within the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file


Available command line options are the following:
-d dacspeed
 RamDac speed to use for the Modeline
-r refresh rate in Hz
 Set basic refresh rate to use for the Modeline
-s horizontal sync rate in Khz
 Set basic fhorizontal sync rate to use for the Modeline
-x X dimension in pixels
 Set X resolution
-y Y dimension in pixels
 Set Y resolution
-n Do not call the check geometry algorithm. This algorithm tries to put the image to the center but this will change the basic values for refresh- and/or horizontal sync rate. If you want the modeline to be exactly at the given frequencies use this option.
-f Calculate Framebuffer modes instead of X11 modes which can be used with a fbset call, if the kernel framebuffer is able to swtich the mode


xmode -x 1024 -y 768 -r 80

58 Khz 73 Hz Modeline "1024x768" 82 1024 1040 1216 1400 768 768 777 802


Written by Marcus Schäfer


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