lore - convert documentations formats


lore [-l linkrel] [-d docsdir] [-i input] [-o output] [--config attribute[=value] [...]] [-p] [file [...]]

lore --help


The --help prints out a usage message to standard output.
-p, --plain
 Use non-flashy progress bar - one file per line.
-n, --null
 Do not report progress at all.
-N, --number
 Add chapter/section numbers to section headings.
-l, --linkrel
 Where non-document links should be relative to.
-d, --docsdir
 Where to look for .html files if no files are given.
-e, --inputext <extension>
 The extension that your Lore input files have (default: .xhtml)
-i, --input
 Input format. New input formats can be dynamically registered. Lore itself comes with "lore" (the standard format), "mlore" (allows LaTeX equations) and "man" (man page format). If the input format is not registered as a plugin, a module of the named input will be searched. For example, --i twisted.lore.default is equivalent to using the default Lore input.
-o, --output
 Output format. Available output formats depend on the input. For the core formats, lore and mlore support html, latex and lint, while man allows lore.
-x, --index <filename>
 The base filename you want to give your index file.
-b, --book <filename>
 The book file to generate a book from.
--prefixurl <prefix>
 The prefix to stick on to relative links; only useful when processing directories.
 Display version information and exit.
 Add input/output-specific information. HTML output allows for ’ext=<extension>’, output allows for ’section’ or ’chapter’ in Lore, and nothing in Math-Lore. Lore output allows for ’ext=<extension>’. Lint output allows nothing. Note that disallowed --config options are merely ignored, and do not cause errors.


If no files are given, all *.html documents in docsdir are processed.


Written by Moshe Zadka


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Copyright © 2003-2008 Twisted Matrix Laboratories. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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