ppmpat - make a pretty PPM image


ppmpat {-gingham2|-g2} | {-gingham3|-g3} | -madras | -tartan | -poles | -squig | -camo | -anticamo width height

You can abbreviate any option to its shortest unique prefix.


This program is part of Netpbm(1)

ppmpat produces a PPM of the specified width and height, with a pattern in it.

This program is mainly to demonstrate use of the ppmdraw routines, a simple but powerful drawing library. See the ppmdraw.h include file for more info on using these routines. Still, some of the patterns can be rather pretty. If you have a color workstation, something like ppmpat -squig 300 300 | pnmquant 128 should generate a nice background.

Some of these patterns have large numbers of colors, so if you want a simpler pattern, use pnmquant on the output.


The options specify various pattern types:

 A gingham check pattern. Can be tiled.

 A slightly more complicated gingham. Can be tiled.

 A madras plaid. Can be tiled.

 A tartan plaid. Can be tiled.

-poles Color gradients centered on randomly-placed poles.

-squig Squiggley tubular pattern. Can be tiled.

-camo Camouflage pattern.

 Anti-camouflage pattern - like -camo, but ultra-bright colors.


Some of the patterns are from ’Designer’s Guide to Color 3’ by Jeanne Allen.


pnmtile(1) , pnmquant(1) , ppmmake(1) , ppmrainbow(1) , pamgradient(1) , ppm(5)


Copyright (C) 1989 by Jef Poskanzer.

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