xquery - query the X-Server for a various set of information


xquery [ options ]


xquery is used to obtain/set special information from/to the X-Server like new modeline timings to change size and position of the picture or check for active number of screens... see the options chapter to get an overview of what xquery can do


Available command line options are the following:
-s Get number of available screens.
-a "screen timing"
 Apply new modeline timing to the X-Server which may change the current geometry of the picture. The option -a takes only one parameter which is a string containing the screen and timing information. Every value of the parameter is seperated by a single space, screen define which screen should be used to apply the new timing and timing specify the new timing values. Timing parameters are the following:

1. Horizontal display value 2. Number of horizontal ticks before vsync-start 3. Number of horizontal ticks until vsync-end 4. Total number of horizontal ticks

5. Vertical display value 6. Number of vertical ticks before vsync-start 7. Number of vertical ticks until vsync-end 8. Total number of vertical ticks

-m Obtain currently used modelines for all screens
-r Obtain currently used resolutions for all screens
-y Obtain sync ranges from the active configuration for all screens
-n screen
 Switch to next mode of the given screen, according to Modes configuration parameter which is located within the screen section of the /etc/X11/xorg.conf
-p screen
 Same as option -n except switching to the previous mode.
-d display
 Set basic display to use. Specify only the major display number without any screen information because the number of screens are acounted from xquery itself.
-c Get current color depths for all screens.
-f Get current used frequencies for all screens.
-M Get middle point coordinates of all screens.
-S Get screen number of the screen the mouse is currently over.
-R "screen text"
 Show XFT rendered string on a specific screen.


xquery take care about Xinerama sessions. This means even if you have only one big screen, xquery will know about the single screens building this big screen. Unfortunately there are Xinerama or similar extensions built into binary drivers like nvidia which are not handled correctly via xquery.


Written by Marcus Schäfer


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