YaST2 - universal configuration utility


yast2 [ options ] [ module ] [ module specific options ] yast2 --install <package> [ <package> [ ... ] ]


YaST2 is used to configure the system. It can configure a common hardware (sound cards, printers, keyboards, mice), network connections (network cards, ISDN cards, modems, DSL connections), network clients and services (NFS, NIS), as well as a general system options (language, partitioning, software, bootloader).

YaST2 comes with three frontends: GTK , QT and ncurses. All frontends are functionally equivalent. The correct frontend is selected automatically based on the available components and the current environment (the DISPLAY variable).

Use yast2 alone to launch the YaST2 Control Center from which you can select a particular configuration module or use yast2 <module> to launch the module directly.


--qt Run YaST in the QT graphical frontend
--gtk Run YaST in the GTK graphical frontend
 Run YaST in the ncurses text-mode frontend
-g, --geometry
 Default window size (QT frontend only).
-h, --help
 Print a usage and exit.
-i, --install <package> [ <package> [ ... ] ]
 Install an RPM package. The package can be a single short package name (e.g. gvim) which will be installed with dependency checking, or the full path to an rpm package (e.g /tmp/gvim.rpm) which will be installed without dependency checking.
--remove <package> [ <package> [ ... ] ]
 Remove an RPM package. The package can be short package names (e.g. gvim) which will be removed with dependency checking.
-l, --list
 List all available modules. To obtain usage info about a module, use "yast module help".


This is a list of YaST modules currently supporting command line interface:
answering_machine, bootloader, ca_mgm, dhcp-server, dns, dns-server, fax, firewall, groups, host, http-server, idedma, inetd, irda, kerberos-client, keyboard, lan, language, ldap, mail, mouse, nfs, nfs_server, nis, nis_server, ntp-client, power-management, powertweak, printer, profile-manager, proxy, remote, routing, runlevel, samba-client, samba-server, security, sound, sysconfig, tftp-server, timezone, tv, users

To obtain a list of basic commands for using a YaST module with support for command line interface, use: yast2 module help

To get more comprehensive information about the commands available for a YaST module, use: yast2 module longhelp

To get information about the commands available for a YaST module in a XML formatted file, use: yast2 module xmlhelp xmlfile= <filename>

To get information about a specific command of a YaST module, use: yast2 module command help

To start an interactive console in which you can execute commands of a YaST module, use yast2 module interactive


/etc/sysconfig/yast2, $HOME/.yast2/yast2
 Configures the preferred GUI.


Successful program execution.
Too few arguments.
Error in arguments.
Generic module error.
Module specific error codes.


Michal Svec <> - manual page Jakub Friedl <> - manual page


Documentation in /usr/share/doc/packages/yast2*.

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