xfs_rtcp - XFS realtime copy command


xfs_rtcp [ -e extsize ] [ -p ] source ... target


xfs_rtcp copies a file to the realtime partition on an XFS filesystem. If there is more than one source and target, the final argument (the target) must be a directory which already exists.


-e extsize
 Sets the extent size of the destination realtime file.
-p Use if the size of the source file is not an even multiple of the block size of the destination filesystem. When -p is specified xfs_rtcp will pad the destination file to a size which is an even multiple of the filesystem block size. This is necessary since the realtime file is created using direct I/O and the minimum I/O is the filesystem block size.


xfs(5), mkfs.xfs(8), mount(8).


Currently, realtime partitions are not supported under the Linux version of XFS, and use of a realtime partition WILL CAUSE CORRUPTION on the data partition. As such, this command is made available for curious DEVELOPERS ONLY at this point in time.

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