ntfsprogs - tools for doing neat things with NTFS


ntfsprogs is a suite of NTFS utilities based around a shared library. The tools are available for free and come with full source code.


mkntfs(8) - Create an NTFS filesystem.

ntfscat(8) - Dump a file’s content to the standard output.

ntfsclone(8) - Efficiently clone, backup, restore or rescue NTFS.

ntfscluster(8) - Locate the files which use the given sectors or clusters.

ntfscmp(8) - Compare two NTFS filesystems and tell the differences.

ntfscp(8) - Overwrite a file on an NTFS.

ntfsfix(8) - Check and fix some common errors, clear the LogFile and make Windows perform a thorough check next time it boots.

ntfsinfo(8) - Show information about NTFS or one of the files or directories within it.

ntfslabel(8) - Show, or set, an NTFS filesystem’s volume label.

ntfsls(8) - List information about files in a directory residing on an NTFS.

ntfsmount(8) - Read-write NTFS userspace driver.

ntfsresize(8) - Resize NTFS without losing data.

ntfsundelete(8) - Recover deleted files from NTFS.


The tools were written by Anton Altaparmakov, Carmelo Kintana, Cristian Klein, Erik Sornes, Giang Nguyen, Holger Ohmacht, Lode Leroy, Matthew J. Fanto, Per Olofsson, Richard Russon, Szabolcs Szakacsits, Yura Pakhuchiy and Yuval Fledel.


The ntfsprogs can be downloaded from:

These manual pages can be viewed online at:



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