Linux manpage section man5

Manpage section man5: File formats and conventions.

Section 5 of the manual describes various file formats and protocols, and the corresponding C structures, if any.

Man pages starting with 'A

access.conf access acct acl aliases apparmor.d apparmor.vim at.allow at.deny attr audispd.conf auditd.conf ausearch-expression autofs auto.master avahi-daemon.conf avahi.hosts avahi.service

Man pages starting with 'B

body_checks bounce

Man pages starting with 'C

canonical charmap cidr_table clamav-milter.conf clamd.conf classes.conf client.conf complex config core crontab cryptotab crypttab cupsd.conf cups-snmp.conf cvs cyrus.conf

Man pages starting with 'D

defaultdomain depmod.conf dhclient.conf dhclient.leases dhcp-eval dir_colors directfbrc

Man pages starting with 'E

e2fsck.conf editrc elf environ ethers extendedopacity

Man pages starting with 'F

faillog fb.modes filesystems fonts-conf freshclam.conf fs fstab ftpusers

Man pages starting with 'G

gai.conf generic genisoimagerc groff_font groff_out groff_tmac group.conf group

Man pages starting with 'H

header_checks host.conf hosts_access hosts.equiv hosts hosts_options

Man pages starting with 'I

idmapd.conf idnalias.conf idn.conf idnrc ifcfg-bonding ifcfg-bridge ifcfg ifcfg-tunnel ifcfg-vlan ifcfg-wireless ifplugd.conf ifservices imapd.conf info initscript inittab intro ipc issue

Man pages starting with 'J


Man pages starting with 'K

keymaps krb.equiv

Man pages starting with 'L

lastlog ldap.conf ldap_table ldif limits.conf lmhosts locale.alias locale locks login.defs logprof.conf lvm.conf

Man pages starting with 'M

magic mailto.conf manpath.config manpath master mbox_mutt mdadm.conf mib2c.conf mime.convs mime.types mke2fs.conf mkinitrd mmdf_mutt modprobe.conf modprobe.d modules.dep moduli mono-config motd mtools multipath.conf muttrc mysql_table

Man pages starting with 'N

namespace.conf netconfig networks nfs nicknames nisplus_table nologin nscd.conf nss_ldap nsswitch.conf numa_maps

Man pages starting with 'P

pam.conf pam.d pam_env.conf pam pam_ldap pam_mount.conf passwd pbm pcap-savefile pcre_table pfm pgm pgsql_table png pnm polkit-default-privs postconf postfix-wrapper ppm printers.conf proc procmailex procmailrc procmailsc projects projid protocols pulse-client.conf pulse-daemon.conf

Man pages starting with 'R

regexp_table relocated request-key.conf resolv.conf resolver rndc.conf route.conf routes rpc rsyncd.conf rsyslog.conf

Man pages starting with 'S

section-index securetty sensors.conf services shadow shells slabinfo slapd.access slapd.backends slapd-bdb slapd.conf slapd-config slapd-hdb slapd-ldap slapd-ldbm slapd-ldif slapd-monitor slapd.overlays slapd.plugin slapd-relay slapo-accesslog slapo-auditlog slapo-chain slapo-collect slapo-constraint slapo-dds slapo-dyngroup slapo-dynlist slapo-memberof slapo-pcache slapo-ppolicy slapo-refint slapo-retcode slapo-rwm slapo-syncprov slapo-translucent slapo-unique slapo-valsort smartd.conf smb.conf smbgetrc smbpasswd snmp.conf snmp_config snmpd.conf snmpd.examples snmpd.internal snmptrapd.conf socks.conf splashy-config.xml splashy-theme.xml ssh_config sshd_config subdomain.conf subscriptions.conf sudoers sysctl.conf

Man pages starting with 'T

tcp_table termcap term terminfo terms time.conf transport ttytype tzfile

Man pages starting with 'U

utmp utmpx uuencode

Man pages starting with 'V

variables virtual vsftpd.conf

Man pages starting with 'W

wpa_supplicant.conf wtmp

Man pages starting with 'X

xfs xinetd.conf xorg.conf

Man pages starting with 'Y

yp.conf yuv4mpeg

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